Build a Better Sandwich

 Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Whether you are eating out or at home, a sandwich can be a healthy choice or a not-so-healthy choice.  It all depends on how you build it and what you what you build it with!  Here are some ways to build a better sandwich!

At a Sub Shop

  • Bread: Go for a “skinny” which means they thin out the bread, which cuts back on calories
  • Meat: Go lean with turkey, ham or chicken
  • Layers: Cheese and veggies are good choices
  • Spread: Try hummus or guacamole, and if not, then mustard will do

At a Restaurant

  • Bread: See if they have a whole grain wrap instead of bread to lower the calories
  • Meat: Grilled chicken or a turkey burger patty
  • Layers: Cheese and veggies are good choices
  • Spread: Skip the creamy and see if they have a lighter sauce available

At Home

  • Bread: Go open face club (one slice bread)
  • Meat: Layer it up with fresh deli meat like turkey, ham and turkey bacon
  • Layers: Cheese, spinach and tomatoes
  • Use Greek yogurt as your spread to up the protein and lower the fat

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