Fall and winter are not always the best seasons for fruit in certain parts of the country. Biting into a juicy apple or crunchy grapes, like you can in the summer months, is just not always a possibility in the cold winter. However, it is still important to get fruit in your diet as it is full of vitamins and minerals that help you fight off those pesky colds and germs that haunt the winter months. 

So, instead of leaving fruit solo, try pairing it with a protein that might jazz up its flavor. Plus, protein will help fruit stick with you a little longer as it slows down digestion and keeps your blood sugar stay more stable. Here are 5 fruit and protein pairings that will take your “not in-season fruit” and make it taste scrumptious and satisfying!


Ever wondered why you like toast and jelly with your eggs? The protein-carb combination makes it appealing to your tongue! So instead of choosing a sugary jelly or preserve, try fresh berries with your toast and eggs or even oatmeal and eggs to add an antioxidant kick! Antioxidants help your body fight off inflammation and are a must in the cold months where many get sick more often.


Roasting peaches to put with your winter, braised pork is a great addition!  The sweet to the savory paired with roasted veggies will satisfy your taste buds! You can even pack it up and grab a loaf of 100% whole grain bread to make sandwiches with on the road!


Ever tried a sandwich or wrap with meat and fruit? Call me crazy, but it is quite tasty! Turkey and cranberries, chicken and apple or roast beef and apricot are a great way to add some sweet to your lunch sandwich or wrap. Paired with a salad, you have a nutrient-rich meal that provides you with everything you need! 


Cheese, grapes, crackers, and wine are a favorite to many (including this dietitian!), but daily, it can add up to lots of calories. However, try 1-2 oz. low-fat cheese and 15 grapes for a quick mid-morning or afternoon snack. It’s a great way to stabilize that blood sugar to get you through the day and an easy on-the-road snack!


Many people want to dip apples in caramel or other sugary dips. However, you really want to pair protein with a fruit, so yogurt, peanut butter, cheese, etc. The pairing with protein will help you feel full longer!

As you are traveling this week, look for ways to add nutrients through different fruits. Your immune system will thank you!

Fuel up and be safe out there!

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