There is a saying that holds some weight: “those that don’t make time for exercise now should make time for illness in the future.”  Harsh, but true.  

While it is hard to stay disciplined at eating healthy and exercising – especially for our professional drivers who spend much of their time on the road — it is something you must make time for if you want to live a long, healthy life.  Some people live a long life, but it is full of illness, medications and feeling lousy.  The good news is that you can change your future to being strong and healthy …regardless of your occupation!

Let’s face it, many of us get tired, lazy and even feel injured from time to time.  It might happen because of how we eat, the intensity we workout (if indeed, we do find the time to workout) and even in our jobs every day.  But if it’s your goal to start or keep seeing results, you have to step it up in all areas.  If you want to be stronger, get leaner and have more energy, it’s time to step it up!!


Whatever it is you do for physical exercise, it is very easy to get into a routine…a rut.  

But if you want to get healthier stronger, try taking it up a notch, whatever it is you are doing. Try ticking up the speed on the treadmill or increasing the incline.  If you spend time lifting weights, pick up the dumb bells that are 2.5 lbs heavier and challenge yourself.  If you are walking or running, raise your intensity level even a small amount. A tiny bit faster and/or heavier can make a difference in being lighter and leaner.


I don’t mean on the couch with a bag of chips!

“Veg out” meaning add more veggies to your day.  Scramble some spinach into your eggs, dip carrots in hummus instead of chips on the road, add a salad to your lunch  and make half your plate roasted vegetables at dinner.  Veggies are full of fiber and water so they make you feel full faster for a fraction of the calories of other foods.  They can help you eat less at meals and still feel full!


Let’s face it, foods that come in a package in a box on the shelf are convenient but they are more processed and likely contain more additives and ingredients.  

If you want to step it up and see a little more muscle definition and a little less fat, try eating whole foods and less out of a box.  Choosing whole foods will help you eat less added fat and sugar helping sculpt a leaner body!  And if you have to eat out of a box, make it whole grain and full of fiber!


Cut out junk food and be selective when you eat fast food.

Cutting the high-calorie sides and avoiding sauces can help limit added calories in your meal.  Asking questions at restaurants and examining menus can help you make a leaner choice.  Doing that often might help shave an inch off your waistline. 


No one likes people that make excuses 

– and when it comes to nutrition and exercise, the only excuse you have is you.  Yes, there are circumstances you as a driver often face, including long hours and a scarcity of ideal foods on the road. But the reality is people make time for what’s important to them.  So if it’s important, prioritize it and fit in working out and eating healthy.  Your body will thank you!

Stay tuned – we’ll be back next time with more tips on eating better and improving your overall health. Stay safe out there!

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