Truck Driver Appreciation Week

TrueNorth is honored to serve so many of the nation’s professional truck drivers. These drivers work around the clock to make sure that the things we often take for granted are readily available. We invite you to watch this short video that FASTPORT shared earlier this week; it does an excellent job of commemorating the work these drivers do, day in and day out, to keep things running smoothly throughout our country: 

On behalf of all of us at TrueNorth, we would like to to extend a sincere thank you to America’s truck drivers.  We appreciate the many hours you log behind the wheel, the many sacrifices you make to your family and friends to meet tight deadlines, and the extreme weather you endure to deliver on your promise.  It’s often a thankless job and it takes a very special person to turn it into a career.  We appreciate your time, effort and dedication.

Here are a few things our transportation partners are doing this week to thank their drivers: 

Schneider National Inc. spread the love via social media by posting photos with slogans, “Big or Small, Truckers Haul it all” and another with a row of Schneider trucks and the words, “Truck Drivers Move America.”  They also passed along information on Transplace’s photo contest, encouraging their drivers to submit photos with the hashtag #truckingheros for prizes and awards.  We think this is an excellent way to share what it means to be a professional driver – and who better to help paint that pictures than the ones who live it?  

XPO Logistics posted ATA‘s video, “I am America’s Truck Driver.”  The video showcases truck drivers from all walks of life describing their jobs and the amount of pride they have for their industry.  XPO encouraged social media followers to go out of their way to thank a truck driver for their work and dedication. 

Roadrunner Transportation Systems celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week by hosting giveaways and fun events for their drivers at designated stops throughout the continental United States. 

– and this is just a small glimpse at what the industry is doing to thank their drivers this week! We are proud to work with companies that value their drivers and recognize their commitment to the road, along with the many accomplishments and sacrifices that come with their job description.  We invite you to take a look at our list of the Top 100 Carriers in the Nation to see how they are celebrating their employees throughout week.  Thanks again, drivers for all you do – our gratitude for you extends far beyond the week! 

TSA: Truckers Service Association

Truckers Service Association is a non-profit organization we work with to deliver specialized benefits and insurance products to owner-operators to optimally protect their businesses and families.  Find out more about TSA by visiting their website,  TSA offers a number of value-added benefits to drivers with membership.  

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