Open Enrollment Tips from TrueChoices

Making wise decisions about your benefits requires planning. By selecting benefits that provide the best care and coverage, you can optimize their value and minimize the impact to your budget.

Many people get tripped up when asked to select benefits for themselves and their families because these decisions can be complicated, and it is often easier to elect the same coverage that you had during the previous plan year. However, last year’s coverage may not suit you again, and there may be new plans that better meet your needs. Follow these tips to make the best benefit decisions for you and your family.

  • Assess your health and the health of your family members before making any selections. For instance, plans with higher monthly premiums and lower co-payments and deductibles are best for those who will use a lot of health care services over the course of the year. Yet, healthy individuals and families may save a great deal by selecting a plan with low premiums and a high deductible.  
  • Examine how you allocated benefits last year beyond just health care – retirement, dental, flexible spending accounts, etc. If you invested in some of these benefits in the past and did not use them, consider omitting this time around.
  • Utilize your TrueChoices advisor. TrueChoices advisors are equipped to help you consider your claims from the previous year and then determine which plan would be most appropriate in the coming year.
  • Before selecting a plan, verify that your doctor and hospital of choice are part of the network of health care providers that are covered. If they are not included, you will pay significantly more for their services. 
  • Participate in wellness and disease management programs to not only become healthier, but also to receive potential discounts on your health benefits. 

The best rule of thumb is to make a list of your benefit priorities to determine which plan will serve you best. Then, let the selection process begin.

TSA: Truckers Service Association

Truckers Service Association is a non-profit organization we work with to deliver specialized benefits and insurance products to owner-operators to optimally protect their businesses and families.  Find out more about TSA by visiting their website,  TSA offers a number of value-added benefits to drivers with membership.  

Click here for a full list of these profit-enhancing benefits and discounts.

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With 12,000+ members, Truckers Service Association (TSA) knows what truckers need. Founded in 1995, TSA is a non-profit association dedicated to improving the profitability of owner operators and Motor Carriers. Insurance marketing provided by TrueNorth Companies.

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